It is relieved even by delicate material without damage of the material as well, and it can be filled with it to fill it with 6 leaf rotor form.

And, the product name of the purpose is only chosen from the product name that a touch panel is indicated at the time of the next product switching, and it can start to anyone easily the production if filling up data are inputted once because twenty kinds and more of filling up data by the product can be memorized in the touch panel control system.

Easily various products can be produced because the kind of the nozzle is abundant and desorption is very easy, too.

Each size is set up to have "4W type of 400mm" "6W type of 600mm" "8W type of 800mm" "10W type of 1000mm" and user's needs it meets, and of course simple substance work is included into the production line, and it can use conveyer width, too.

And, there is a type OAR-52 that it is filled with the material directly on the band oven, too. 



It prepares for "wire cut device" "rotation nozzle device" "cookie filling up device" "a liquid filling up device" and so on by the option.

The cookie which a rotation nozzle was used for

              The cookie which a wire cut was used for

A liquidus filling up device was attached "AR-52-4W".

A fixed quantity filling up can be done automatically to the end to measure the liquid amount of rest with a sensor and to change the release time of the valve automatically.

Because it doesn't always keep needing to fill material in the hopper, it is convenient for the "multiple kind-small lots" production!

Because it prepares for the warm water cyclicus unit as well by the option, it is relieved by jelly and so on, too, and it can have it used.


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