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    Itsuto Murata

1440 Higashiawara, Mitsubuchi,
Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture and Japan

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"Manufacture" "sale" "maintenance" others of the machine for the confectionery bread manufactured by our company









It is improving rapidly without the progress of the technology stopping now the 21st century was reached.

The technology that it proceeded by the rapid progress is bustling now, and it is appearing in front of one's eyes without being omitted as that example even if it is in the us food plant machine business world.

The best is concentrated on "development" "manufacture" of a machine for the bread manufactured by confectionery to concentrate and which doesn't forgive other companies for the following, and it can have a user satisfied the "development" "design" "manufacture" staff to have user's needs it meets machine without falling behind such an age.

There are hit goods which JAPAN SYSTEM sent out in the world abundantly including "multiple string ceremony all-around filling machine AR DEPOSITOR" with "cake coating machine" "fancy cake machine" "multi-hose pump" etc.

As for the cake coating machine, it challenges the field that the machine manufacturer of the past number much is made the result "Automation and the number of people reduction are impossible." which it tried, and a success is perfectly managed, and it is specially the revolutionary machine which wisdom tightened the name of the JAPAN SYSTEM with in the world even of that.

And, it is an excellent opportunity of pride to handle without hurting material with a AR DEPOSITOR with the individual technology which can't be imitated in other companies filling up of every design.

It thinks that the fundamental principles of "Material to fit to the machine isn't made, but a machine to fit to the material is made." of the JAPAN SYSTEM are surely connected with "the user's satisfaction".

A standard model prepares a prudent system so that of course sales engineer may give "design change" "It is troublesome after the delivery." "maintenance" "the check of the finished goods" and so on his best including "the development of the special line machine and the design" by the request from the user and it can cope with it.

All the companies are given to a password, and the effort is being continued "the sureness of the machine" "the convenience of handling" "the height of the sanitation" "the height of the safety" so that it can always support a user.

"Automation" "the number of people reduction" "the development of the new goods" of the production process is surely useful for the user!

That is incorporated company JAPAN SYSTEM.

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