A place isn't needed in the compact size!
Time isn't needed with a touch panel form!

I can have it used for every work widely.
JSP-1 type FIT fixed quantity filling up pump!

It is the all-around pump which it can have used in the wide field from "fresh cream" "margarine" "chestnut paste" "shoe" "custard cream" fixed quantity filling up "jam" "water seed material" to the design filling up.

Because work is finished in the fixed amount of cream if a JSP-1 type FIT fixed quantity filling machine is used every time, the amount of use of cream of the design filling up which depended on a sense of the hand till now becomes a powerful supporter for the cost decrease, too.

And, work can be done very hygienically because a hand never touches material.

The movement of the machine doesn't take a result place easily in the compact design, either.

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